Spotland Productions Studios

As a member of the broadest current userbase in audio recording, Spotland is in compatible company, running Digidesign's Pro Tools. We've got all the right software plugins to make a mix stand out from the maelstrom, plus an array of specialty plugins to sculpt, re-invent, and totally disfigure sound to create top award contenders, or your worst nightmare.

Our studios feature ample recording space to accommodate multiple voice talents, comfortable workspace for clients, and an abundance of natural light. We have individual recording booths to ensure clean editing, with generous sightlines, plenty of inputs, and video tielines. We've also been known to house occasional bands for syndicated radio program segments.

Spotland's equipment list naturally features the most familiar names in audio. Our mic selection includes AKG, EV, Neumann, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, and Studio Projects. Outboard signal processing and monitoring are handled by GML, API, dbx, Yamaha, Bryston, and Tannoy.

It is said that all the gear in the world does not make a studio a success: its people do. Spotland's engineers have been doing this stuff for many years, in every situation imaginable. We've got the experience, the people skills, and the chops to prepare and see your project through to completion. And having excellent gear certainly doesn't hurt.

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2000 21st Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212

phone  615.385.2957
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