Spotland Music Libraries

You need music for your campaign or presentation? We've got it, from the best-known music companies in the industry. Our libraries contain music to support a world of messages and emotions. Whatever the flavor - conventional genres, music from other nations and cultures, vintage cinema soundtracks from past eras, ultra-serious or cartoon, comfortably familiar or off the edge, you'll find what you need to do the job. We've also got volumes on vinyl from the sixties and seventies...the real retro deal.

Some music libraries we offer:
DeWolfe | Killer Tracks | OmniMusic | NJJ | Rouge | BMG | Killer Promo
Morning |  Hudson | Killer Edge | Gene Michael Productions | Flying Hands
Atmosphere | CDM | DeWolfe Millenium |  River City | Robert Hall
Killer Animation | Soper | World | Killer Scores

Spotland SFX Libraries

Spotland has one of the most extensive sound effect collections available. In addition to the mainstays and heavy-hitters of broadcast production, we've got CD volumes of older classic libraries originally released on vinyl, as well as several lesser known libraries that occasionally have just the right element. And over the years, we've amassed an in-house collection of custom creations. While some sound effects are perfect as stand-alone elements, many others serve as components of a bigger picture. We've got the imagination to build what you need to support the message.

Our SFX libraries include:
Sound Ideas | Hollywood Edge | Warner Bros | Hannah-Barbera
Twentieth Century Fox | Valentino |  Turner |  Digiffects
H. E. Premiere | Rocky & Bullwinkle | DeWolfe | Authentic
International | Major | Robert Hall | LucasFilm | Janus

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