Spotland consistently gets your spot to the correct destination, on time. For multi-market placement, DG Systems handles distribution of your finished audio, with station-specific traffic instructions and delivery confirmation. You say your spot is scheduled to air Monday, tomorrow, or in four hours? No problem - Spotland and DG Systems get it done. We'll upload soundfiles for retrieval by web browser, or small files as an email attachment. And, there's always FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service.


duplication image Spotland has a long track record of multiple dub orders, from one copy to a thousand and one. In addition to audio CD's, we can do high-speed cassette orders, and large orders of quarter-inch analog reels. (It is rumored that we also have an eight-track cartridge player/recorder on hand somewhere.) Call and we'll give you a quote for what you need.

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